Our Team

Our Team

Our Creative Director

Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, our Creative Director Humzee has already amassed an impressively diverse resume, ranging from designs for several bands in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, international offerings in Hollywood and Miami Carnival, and regional creations for Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica & St. Lucia.

A self-proclaimed, conservative shy guy at heart, Humzee’s bold, vibrant and risqué creations are the manifestations of his far more daring designer alter ego. Drawing inspiration from contemporary fashion trends, he defines himself and his work as “the new breed of modern design”. This is perhaps most visibly reflected in his heavy use of unique gems, feathers and fabrics which cater to the modern woman wishing to make a statement through boutique couture. For Carnival costumes specifically, his design process is almost whimsically abstract, starting off with his go-to treat of a taco and ice tea lemonade when he visits NYC to shop for materials. Once the lemonade starts flowing, so do his creative juices, as he envisions the preliminary silhouettes and shape forms for his designs. From there, he relies on instinct to guide his gem and fabric choices, aiming for a simple but ultimately stunning prototype.

While aesthetic is a priority, so too is functionality, as Humzee aims for his final design to be both beautiful and practical for his masqueraders. These features lend to PURE’s aim of creating a band built on fun and flair. The stage is set to Pump Up the Road Experience.

Richard & Anthony

Fondly referred to within the designer community as the ‘Bling Kings’, this dynamic duo consists of Richard Dookhdeen and Anthony Hall; two highly motivated and talented individuals known for their exceptional work in the field of fashion design, costume design and production.

The two got their start working as protégés of legendary industry pioneers such as Peter Minshall and Wayne Berkeley to name a few, and then graduated to solo offerings for icon yesteryear bands Poison and Barbarossa. They’ve since gone on to expand their range of services to include Marketing & Event production, while adding critically acclaimed design work to their portfolio such as pageant gowns and national costumes for Miss Universe contestants.

Now they are bringing their creative expertise to PURE as they continue to push the boundaries of design through their three beautifully unique offerings Pervinca, Pavone and Bella Donna.

Anya Elias

Anya got a high-profile start in the mas world, holding the multiple titles of bandleader, Design & Production Head, and Director for Spice Carnival Band simultaneously when she kicked off her career in 2008. Now a decade in the business, this young veteran has designed over 50 costumes for both local and overseas Carnival, and has been a mainstay on the TRIBE design team in recent years.

Her natural attraction to fashion accessories has made her career as a costume designer somewhat of a dream job, but it hasn’t come without the requisite hard work which complements her passion and creative drive.

Look out for Anya’s section Elle in PURE – a distinctly feminine creation showered in shades of pink and white.

Sheena Ali

This UTT Fashion & Design graduate may be a newbie to the Carnival scene, but what she lacks in tenure she makes up for in creative zeal. Her eternal love affair with Carnival costumes and swimwear started as a personal attraction, but in seeing the beauty and boundless creative possibilities of Carnival, she decided to make it a professional romance.

However, while most designers tend to tread carefully in their early, formative years, sticking to relatively conservative designs, Sheena is a daring debutant who seeks to constantly challenge herself and the industry status quo.

One needn’t look further than her sophomore design SAVAGE for a glimpse of her eye for edginess. Like PURE, Sheena might be the new kid on the block, but in a few years will surely be a familiar favourite.